Appetite Loss and Cancer Patients

Appetite loss is a common side effect of having cancer. The appetite loss can be due to having cancer itself or from the treatments for cancer, such as chemotherapy. Chemotherapy often causes nausea, which contributes to appetite loss. The drug called Megace Oral Suspension is commonly used to treat chemotherapy patients and cancer patients that don’t have an appetite. The Megace can be used for other appetite loss problems, but cancer makes up the vast majority of those who cannot eat due to appetite loss. There have been many studies showing that Megace (megestrol acetate) actually improves appetite. On the other hand, while cancer patients eat better after taking the medication, this has not been found to affect the quality of life significantly in those patients with poor appetite and cancer.

Source: 1. Jatoi A, et al. On Appetite and Its Loss. JCO. August 15, 2000 vol. 18 no. 15 2930-2932.

Dr. Adem Gunes