Can Alpha Mangostin treat Prostate Cancer?

Alpha mangostin comes from the Garcinia mangostana plant. It is one of many phytochemicals that are now being studied for the treatment of various types of cancer.

One study (1) looked at the treatment and prevention of prostate cancer. They wanted to know exactly how alpha mangostin works to prevent or treat prostate cancer.

They found that alpha mangostin was able to block the cell cycle in cancer cells. This means that the cancer cells cannot grow and develop. They used both an in vitro study and an in vivo study using mice that were transplanted with certain strains of prostate cancer cells. They found that the mice who took alpha mangosteen had a decrease in tumor volume when compared to mice that did not take alpha mangosteen. As these were in vitro and animal studies, it cannot be said for sure that alpha mangosteen works in human patients with prostate cancer.

Source: 1.Johnson JJ, et al. α-Mangostin, a xanthone from mangosteen fruit, promotes cell cycle arrest in prostate cancer and decreases xenograft tumor growth. Carcinogenesis (2012) 33 (2): 413-419.

Dr. Adem Gunes