Can Cisplatin help Patients with Ovarian Cancer?

Ovarian cancer isn’t terribly common but still affects about 200,000 women throughout the world per year. Most patients don’t receive the diagnosis of ovarian cancer until cancer has traveled to other body areas. The overall survival rate after five years is only about 50 percent. Most people with ovarian cancer have surgery to remove as much of cancer as possible, followed by chemotherapy. Many receive IV cisplatin although some receive the drug by putting it into the abdominal cavity. Cisplatin is a commonly used drug for ovarian cancer. Researchers wanted to know if giving arsenite along with cisplatin would make the chemotherapy more effective. In their research study, they found that cisplatin worked better when arsenite was given along with cisplatin in ovarian cancer patients.

Source: 1. Helm WC, States JC. Enhancing the efficacy of cisplatin in ovarian cancer treatment– could arsenic have a role. Journal of Ovarian Research 2009; 2:2.

Dr. Adem Gunes