Dendritic Cell Therapy and its Effectiveness against Breast Cancer


Breast cancer causes breast cancer in one out of every eight women. It seems to be one of the few cancer types that may be able to be treated with immune system boosters, such as that which can be found in dendritic cell therapy.

One article (1) looked into immune-based cancer treatments for breast cancer, including the use of dendritic cell therapy as a vaccine that might prevent breast cancer. The article specifically looked at vaccines, such as dendritic cell vaccines, that might one day be used in the prevention of breast cancer. The article noted that there are several different types of vaccines being tested as preventative agents against breast cancer. Dendritic cell vaccine is one of the breast cancer vaccines being tested.

The testing of these types of vaccines are still in the early stages so that it can’t yet be determined if using these vaccines is an effective way to prevent breast cancer.

Source: 1.Breast Cancer. Accessed 7/19/16.

Dr. Adem Gunes

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