Metronomic Chemotherapy and its Effectiveness against Ovarian Cancer


Metronomic chemotherapy involves the use of low dose chemotherapy agents given frequently as a treatment against cancer. It is currently being studied to see if it is effective against ovarian cancer.

One research article (1) looked into the use of metronomic chemotherapy and its effectiveness against ovarian cancer. The researchers did an in vivo study on mice using metronomic therapy along with chemotherapy to treat ovarian cancer in the mice. They found that treating mice with metronomic therapy along with chemotherapy effectively decreased the number of blood vessels that supplied ovarian cancer cells, which resulted in the death of the ovarian cancer cells.

The research was done on an animal model so that more research needs to be done in humans to see if it can also be effective against ovarian cancer in human subjects.

Source: 1.Kamat AA, et al. Metronomic Chemotherapy Enhances the Efficacy of Antivascular Therapy in Ovarian Cancer. Cancer Res 2007;67:281-288.

Dr. Adem Gunes

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