Dichloroacetic Acid and its Carcinogenic Behavior


Dichloroacetic acid or DCA is a chlorine disinfection byproduct found in the water supply. It has been investigated as a possible carcinogen in a mouse and rat model.

One research article (1), it was found to be carcinogenic and caused liver cancer in mice. A study was done on rats exposed to DCA in their drinking water. They were exposed to various concentrations of the substance to see just how carcinogenic DCA really was.

The study found that DCA was toxic to the myocardium, liver, and nervous system in the rats given DCA and that it caused cancer in these animals. These studies were done in rats and mice so it is difficult to say if DCA could be carcinogenic in humans.

Source: 1.DeAngelo AB, et al. The carcinogenicity of dichloroacetic acid in the male fischer 344 rat. Toxicology. Volume 114, Issue 3, 18 December 1996, Pages 207-221.

Dr. Adem Gunes

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