Laser Blood Therapy and the Treatment of Cancer


Laser blood therapy is just one kind of laser therapy used to treat cancer and other diseases. It uses light to sensitize cells and allow them to be better treated with chemotherapy agents or other cancer treatments.

One article (1) discussed laser blood therapy and its effectiveness against cancer. It noted that laser blood therapy can treat cancer in one of two ways. It can destroy or shrink cancer directly through the application of heat. It can also activate a photosensitizing agent that can better kill the cancer cells. This use is called photodynamic therapy or PDT.

The article also noted that lasers can be used with endoscopes to treat cancers of the stomach or bladder. The light from the laser is sent via fiber optics through the endoscope and provides a way for the laser light to reach the cancer cells. It can be used to remove cancerous polyps in the colon and can remove small pre-cancerous lesions.

Source: 1.Lasers in Cancer Treatment. Accessed 8/14/16.

Dr. Adem Gunes

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