Ozone Therapy and the Treatment of Cancer


Ozone and its related compound, hydrogen peroxide, are considered oxidants and shouldn’t be used with antioxidants to kill cancer cells.

One article (1) discussed ozone therapy and its treatment of cancer. Ozone therapy is given in an infusion bottle by removing part of the patient’s blood and mixing it with ozone. It puts the blood that is now enriched with oxygen, back into the body where it goes on to kill cancer cells. Cancer cells are automatically anaerobic and don’t respond to ozone very well. By putting oxygen back into the bloodstream, ozone therapy can kill cancer cells in the blood, reducing the chances of metastases when cancer spreads.

Ozone treatments are usually given up to twice a day but some cancer patients need it only twice a week. Because it is a relatively new treatment for cancer, more research needs to be done on humans to see if it can treat humans with cancer.

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Dr. Adem Gunes

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