The Use of Whole Body Hyperthermia in Platinum-Resistant Ovarian Cancer


As the name suggests, whole body hyperthermia is a way to use higher than normal levels of heat to the whole body in a way that treats cancer. It has been evaluated as a valid treatment for cancer.

One research article (1) discussed whole body hyperthermia or WBH. It gave whole body hyperthermia to patients with ovarian cancer who did not respond to platinum-based chemotherapy drugs. They gave WBH and carboplatin to patients who had treatment-resistant ovarian cancer. A total of 14 patients were studied in this research article. They were treated for up to 6 cycles of carboplatin and whole body hyperthermia.

The research study showed effectiveness of whole body hyperthermia but suggested that more research be done in order to see if this can work on larger groups of people with ovarian cancer.

Source: 1.Westermann AM, et al. A pilot study of whole body hyperthermia and carboplatin in platinum-resistant ovarian cancer. European Journal of Cancer. 37 (2001) 1111–1117.

Dr. Adem Gunes

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