Sodium Butyrate and its Effect on Cancer


Sodium butyrate is a short chain fatty acid that is normally produced by bacteria in the large intestine. It is an anti-inflammatory substance that induces programmed cell death (1) or apoptosis in cancer cells.

One research article (1) looked at a combination of artemisinin and sodium butyrate in the treatment of cancer. Artemisinin is an extract of the wormwood plant. Artemisinin has been shown to be effective in killing cancer cells using in vitro and in vivo subjects.

In the article, it used a combination of artemisinin and sodium butyrate to see if the combination worked synergistically to kill cancer cells. The combination was mixed with human lymphoblastoid leukemia cell lines and found that the combination reduced the number of cancer cells by 40 percent. Because this was an in vitro study, more studies need to be done on animals or humans with cancer to see if this combination could be effective against humans with cancer.

Source: 1.Singh NP, et al. Synergistic cytotoxicity of artemisinin and sodium butyrate on human cancer cells. Anticancer Res. 2005 Nov-Dec;25(6B):4325-31.

Dr. Adem Gunes
Dr. Abdullah El-Hossami

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