Taurine and the Death of Glioma Cancer Cells


Taurine is an amino acid made by the body for various reasons. It is currently being studied as a way to kill glioma cells, which are cancerous cells of the brain.

One research article (1) looked at taurine and the programmed cell death of glioma cancer cells. Programmed cell death is also called apoptosis. The article noted that new cancer treatments, such as treating gliomas with taurine, are being developed to trigger apoptosis of this type of cancer.

The researchers used high-resolution magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) to see whether there was a marker for apoptosis in glioma cancer cells. This helped the researchers determine that, in this in vivo study, taurine was a good marker for programmed cell death in glioma cancer patients.

Source: 1.Opstad KS, et al. Taurine: a potential marker of apoptosis in gliomas. British Journal of Cancer(2009) 100, 789–794.

Dr. Adem Gunes
Dr. Abdullah El-Hossami

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