Galvanotherapy and the Treatment of Cancer


Galvanotherapy is also known as electrotherapy or electrochemical therapy (ECT). It uses a direct electric current called a Galvano current, named after the individual who invented it. This type of therapy apparently treats cancer by getting directly into superficial cancers or directs it onto the skin above a cancer site.

One article (1) looked at the use of galvanotherapy to treat patients with cancer. It noted that providing an electrical current to the body, the acid-base environment of the cancer is changed. This causes an increase in the permeability of tumor cells, allowing the cells to be destroyed.

It also discussed the use of local Galvano Cancer therapy, which is usually only used to treat musculoskeletal or joint complaints. Some holistic doctors, however, are using it to treat patients with cancer, even though it isn’t a proven treatment for cancer.

Source: 1.Ways to treat cancer. Accessed 9/9/16.

Dr. Adem Gunes
Dr. Abdullah El-Hossami

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