Detoxification and the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer


Detoxification involves cleansing and detoxifying the body through the elimination of waste produces. If the body can’t eliminate toxins quickly enough, the cells begin to malfunction, causing cancer to grow.

One article (1) discussed detoxification and the prevention and treatment of cancer. It noted that the underlying reason for detoxification is to prevent the accumulation of toxins that have the ability to cause diseases, such as cancer. It also noted that water fasting, especially, detoxifies the body, and is a good way to prevent cancer.

In addition, it noted that a 2005 study of the umbilical cords of newborns showed that they contained almost 300 different industrial chemicals. These chemicals can go on to cause cancer. This is how detoxification can be helpful in the prevention and treatment of cancer.

Source: 1.Why Detoxification is Critical for the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer. Accessed 9/15/16.

Dr. Adem Gunes
Dr. Abdullah El-Hossami

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