Metronomic Chemotherapy for Cancer- An Innovative Method


Traditionally, cancer patients have been treated with very high doses of chemotherapy when they were being treated with chemotherapy for their cancer.  In the meantime, more research is being done on the possibility of using lower doses of chemotherapy in cancer treatment—a process known as metronomic chemotherapy.

One research study (1), looked into the course of using metronomic chemotherapy on patients with cancer.  Patients are given targeted chemotherapy agents for a period and then are given a break where they are not given any treatment.

They found that this form of therapy is much less toxic than giving full-dose chemotherapy and that it is useful in treating cancer patients.  Metronomic therapy is believed to be based on blocking new blood cells from feeding cancer cells and may one day change the way chemotherapy is given.


  1. Mross K, Steinbild S. Metronomic anti-cancer therapy – an ongoing treatment option for advanced cancer patients. Journal of Cancer Therapeutics and Research. ISSN 2049-7962.

    Dr. Adem Gunes

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