Aralık 10, 2016

Enzyme Therapy and the Treatment of Cancer

Enzyme therapy was first proposed by John Beard, a doctor who worked with this type of therapy in 1906. He noted that, when giving pancreatic enzymes […]
Ekim 13, 2016

Enzyme Therapy and the Treatment of Cancer

Scientists have discovered that there are low levels of enzymes in cancer cells and that giving enzymes to people with cancer causes the enzymes to digest […]
Ağustos 26, 2016

Enzyme Therapy as a Cancer Treatment

Enzyme therapy involves using enzymes to treat various kinds of diseases. Enzymes are often made by the pancreas and are normally used to digest food. It […]
Temmuz 18, 2016

Enzyme Therapy May Help with Cancer Treatment

Sometimes enzymes are used in the treatment of cancer.  When this happens, enzymes are mixed with pro-drugs that are then changed by the enzymes to become […]
Eylül 16, 2015

Enzyme Therapy

Enzyme therapy is defined as the use of enzyme supplements in the treatment of cancer. Its other names include proteolytic enzyme therapy, systemic enzyme therapy, pancreas […]