December 24, 2016

Ultrasound and the Detection of Ovarian cancer

Ultrasound can be used for many things, including the detection of ovarian cancer. It can be used as a screening tool that helps the doctor find […]
December 23, 2016

PET-CT and Pancreatic Cancer

PET-CT scanning involves positron emission tomography (PET scanning) and computed tomography (C scanning) combined into one machine. A PET-CT scan shows information about the tissues of […]
December 23, 2016

Pathology in the Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

Doctors use a pathology report in order to find out what kind of cancer the patient has. It may help the doctor decide on a course […]
December 23, 2016

MRI and Cancer

An MRI scan involves a technique in which strong magnets are used with a computer that picks up soft tissue, bone, and liquid. It is often […]
December 23, 2016

Mammogram and the Risk of Cancer

A mammogram is an x-ray study of the breast tissue. While it can’t prevent breast cancer, mammograms can often determine if the patient has cancer of […]
December 21, 2016

Endoscopy and the Detection of Cancer

Endoscopy was developed several decades ago. It is used for the detection and diagnosis of cancer. It involves using a tiny scope with a camera at […]
December 21, 2016

Cytology and the Detection of Bladder Cancer

Cytology involves taking samples of cancer and looking at it under the microscope. The cells can help grade bladder cancer so the doctor knows how best to […]
December 21, 2016

Chemosensitivity Testing in Breast and Ovarian Cancer

Chemosensitivity testing is a type of test that helps determine whether or not a particular cancer can be killed with certain chemotherapy drugs. It has been […]
December 21, 2016

Biopsy in the Role of Cancer Detection

A breast biopsy can help detect the presence of cancer so that doctors can identify the type of cancer and begin the proper treatment for it. […]
October 21, 2016

PET CT Scanning and Ovarian Cancer

PET/CT scanning is sometimes used to detect gynecological cancers, such as ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer affects 30 to 50 women out of every 100,000 women and […]