November 30, 2016

Ellagic acid and the Treatment of Breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer and Prostate Cancer

Ellagic acid is a polyphenol that is produced by the bacteria in the large intestines; however, it can be found in many different foods. Ellagic acid […]
October 25, 2016

Cervical Cancer Symptoms

Cervical cancer usually has no noticeable symptoms. This is why a pap test is required in order to detect the presence of cancer cells in the […]
October 21, 2016

HPV Vaccination and Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is a common cause of cancer-affiliated deaths in women throughout the world. Recently, scientists have found a connection between cervical cancer and human papillomavirus […]
September 20, 2016

Cervical Cancer and Its Risk Factors

Cervical cancer is when cancer cells begin to proliferate in the cervix. Cervical cancer is easily preventable in Western countries because there is a vaccine for […]
September 14, 2016

HPV Vaccination and the Prevention of Cervical Cancer

Screening tests for cervical cancer have helped to decrease certain types of cervical cancer and have decreased deaths due to cervical cancer. The American Cancer Society […]
August 25, 2016

Taurine and its Effectiveness against Cervical Cancer

Taurine is an amino acid the body makes naturally that has several pharmacological and physiological effects on the body. It is currently being studied as a […]
August 15, 2016

Can the HPV Vaccine Save Lives?

The vast majority of cervical cancers are the result of human papillomavirus (HPV). Cervical cancer is a serious type of cancer that is the 2nd highest […]
August 15, 2016

Antioxidant supplementation reduces cell damage and improves the quality of life in patients with cervical cancer treatment

Globally, cervical cancer is the third most common cancer in women. Cell damage caused by reactive oxidizing molecules is common in cancer patients. Antioxidant supplementation has […]
August 1, 2016

The Diagnosis and Treatment of Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is extremely common. In fact, it is the 3rd most common type of cancer in women, affecting about 500,000 women per year throughout the […]
July 9, 2016

Sodium Butyrate Vs. the Growth of Cervical Cancer Cells

Sodium butyrate is a chemical that has been studied in the treatment of cancer because it has been observed to help prevent the growth of cancer […]