November 4, 2016

Vaginal Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

Vaginal cancer happens when cells of the vagina undergo DNA mutations that adversely affect the DNA, causing cancerous changes in the cells. Women who are older […]
September 21, 2016

What is Vaginal Cancer?

 Vaginal cancer occurs when there is damage to the DNA of the cells of the female vagina, forming cells that grow out of control and become […]
August 17, 2016

Treating Vaginal Cancer

Vaginal cancer is also known as carcinoma of the vagina. It is a relatively uncommon type of gynecological cancer in the US, although it can be […]
August 2, 2016

Chemotherapy and Radiation for Vaginal Cancer

Vaginal cancer is not very common so there are few studies on this type of cancer. Some studies are available that look into the use of […]
November 21, 2015

Vaginal Carcinoma And Its Complications

Vaginal carcinoma is an uncommon gynaecological disease of the vagina. It is where cancer cells begin in the vagina. The vagina is a part of the […]