Dezember 8, 2016

Shark Cartilage and the Treatment of Cancer

Shark cartilage and bovine cartilage have been studied by scientists as possible treatments for persons with cancer and other medical conditions. One article (1) discussed shark […]
Oktober 13, 2016

Shark Cartilage and the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer

Shark cartilage is the tough connective tissue found in sharks. It is also found in other animals. The use of shark cartilage has been studied to […]
August 25, 2016

Shark Cartilage and Its Effectiveness against Cancer

Shark cartilage is a natural substance derived from sharks. It has been studied as to its ability to fight cancer. One article (1) looked into shark […]
Juli 9, 2016

Lung Cancer Finds Some Unique Cure- Shark Cartilage May Do the Thing

Research works have been carried out to investigate the use of an extract of shark cartilage in the treatment of cancer.  One of these derivatives was […]