Enzyme Therapy and the Treatment of Cancer

Scientists have discovered that there are low levels of enzymes in cancer cells and that giving enzymes to people with cancer causes the enzymes to digest the cancer cells.

One article (1) discussed enzyme therapy and the treatment of cancer. It cited a research project done in the early 1900s in which enzyme therapy was used to kill cancer cells. In the project, it was noted that cancer cells are derived from stem cells that grow out of control. According to the article, research was done on mice that were given pancreatic enzymes to treat their cancer.

The research determined that the pancreatic enzymes were able to treat cancer in mice. One doctor cured himself from cancer using pancreatic enzymes. There have been no large-scale studies on the use of enzyme therapy and cancer treatment. More research needs to be done on a lot of people with cancer to see if this causes an effect on humans with cancer.

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Dr. Adem Gunes