Enzyme Therapy as a Cancer Treatment

Enzyme therapy involves using enzymes to treat various kinds of diseases. Enzymes are often made by the pancreas and are normally used to digest food. It is being studied now as a possible treatment against cancer.

One article (1) looked into the use of enzyme therapy in the treatment of pancreatic cancer. It noted that there have been few studies on the use of enzyme therapy for cancer but that the taking of enzymes for cancer treatment may, in fact, be effective.The article referred to a previous research study done in the early 1900s that showed that pancreatic enzymes were able to kill cancer cells. The previous research study, done by Dr. John Beard, used pancreatic enzymes to kill cancer in mice.

This research has since been replicated and now, alternative medical specialists are using enzyme therapy to treat various types of cancer. Modern research still needs to be done to see if this type of therapy actually works to kill cancer.

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Dr. Adem Gunes