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Fasting And Cancer: Does Fasting Influence Cancer Control?

Fasting And Cancer: Does Fasting Have Any Influence On Cancer Cures?

Research is going on to discover new effective ways in the health practice. Scientists have now uncovered new approaches for stem-cell based regeneration of organ or system.

According to a published study in the Cell Stem Cell of June 5 issue. It was found that fasting transforms the stem cells to a state of self-renewal from the dormant one. According to the research, prolong fasting protect damage to the immune system and promote its regeneration.

Benefits of fasting

Human trials show that patients on chemotherapy who do not eat anything for long periods have a significant decrease in their white blood cell count. The author believes that, while starving, our system starts the recycling of the excess or damaged immune cells. In this way, the white blood cell count drops with prolonging fasting, and it returns on feeding again.

It is concluded that on lowering the white blood cell counts, fasting enhances the regeneration of new immune cells based on the stem cells. It mainly lowers the PKA enzyme that is associated with tumor progression, aging, and cancer.  In a pilot clinical trial conducted on patients fasted for 72 hours before chemotherapy the authors concluded that fasting protects from the toxicity of the chemotherapy. The results of the study conclude that fasting causes alleviation of the chemotherapy side effects.

Fasting is considered a tradition I many cultures. It is different from starvation. Fasting is defined as the process of limiting and controlling the act of eating and making sure it is done correctly. The process of fasting also provides energy and great feeling.

Protection from brain diseases

Research conducted on Aging at the National Institute in Baltimore concluded that fasting for 1 or 2 weeks can prevent from the effects of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. It is also found that reducing the daily calorie intake to 500 calories for 1 or 2 days instead of 7 days can be beneficial for the brain.

Lower the risk of heart diseases and diabetes

Skipping the meals for a day can lower the risk of heart diseases. Studies found out that a significant amount of Human Growth hormone is released in fasting that fastens the metabolism and fat burning resulting in a lower risk of diabetes and heart disease. Fasting is now being considered as the treatment options by doctors.

Treating cancer in humans

A study published in the Scientific Journal Of Aging proved that cancer patients treated with fasting show less side effects of chemotherapy. Evidence from various tests has shown that fasting results in a better survival by slowing down the tumor growth and its spread. A study conducted about breast cancer in detail at the National Institute of Aging discovered that due to fasting cancer cells build up new proteins that help with their growth and division. A result of this free radicals are generated which damage the DNA of cancer cells, destroying the cancer cells.

Studies have proved several benefits of fasting but still further research is going on to explore more about fasting. Patients are advised to consult their doctor before choosing to fast for their disease.


Collective Evolution, 22 June 2014