Milk and the Risk of Cancer

Milk is the staple of many people’s diets. But does milk cause cancer?

One article (1) looked into the risk of cancer in milk drinkers. They noted that things people eat in their diet can affect their risk of getting cancer. It also noted that the link between eating dairy products and getting cancer has not been well established. The article also indicated that recent research has shown that those who eat a lot of calcium from dairy products have a decreased risk of getting colon cancer. Other research has shown, however, that dairy products increase the risk of developing ovarian cancer and prostate cancer. Still other research has shown that dairy products help prevent colon cancer.

The article indicated that more research is necessary to see if dairy products cause cancer or prevent cancer. As of now, the link between drinking milk and the risk of cancer has not been well established.

Source: 1.Does milk cause cancer? Accessed 7/24/16.

Dr. Adem Gunes