The role of a doctor is to help their patients to the best of their ability. To do this, the doctor must consistently maintain their knowledge at the highest possible level.
For me as a doctor, it is therefore very important to be well connected internationally. As a head physician, I manage and oversee a number of clinics worldwide, including in Germany and Thailand, and have been training doctors in the field of integrative oncology for more than 10 years.

At my center in Istanbul, my patients get the benefit of scientifically researched, integrative therapies. This is because the goal must be not only to combat diseases but also to prevent them. This is only possible if we fully understand the causes of a disease and are able to develop appropriate countermeasures.

It goes without saying that these countermeasures can also be used in cases where a disease has not yet occurred. As such, the promotion of healthy internal organs and a resilient immune system are among the most important pillars of our practice.