December 14, 2016

Ketogenic Diet and Cancer

A ketogenic diet is one in which the individual eats foods that produce ketones. The person eats a low carb diet that causes the body to […]
October 14, 2016

Ketogenic Diet and the Treatment of Cancer

A ketogenic diet is one in which the carbohydrate content is low and the protein content is high. It helps the metabolism burn fat instead of […]
August 29, 2016

Ketogenic Diet and its Effects on Advanced Cancer

A ketogenic diet is one in which a person eats foods that create ketones in the blood stream. Researchers are looking into the possibility that a […]
June 21, 2016

Ketogenic Diet Arrests Neuroblastoma Growth- A Recent Discovery

  Neuroblastoma is categorized as a pediatric cancer of malignant characteristic, derived from a group of nervous system cells called neural crest. It is characterized by […]
December 5, 2015

Defeating Brain Cancer: Ketogenic Diet Replaces Chemotherapy

An interesting piece of research done in the past few years on high-fat and low-carb Ketogenic Diet belongs to the area of cancer treatment. The satisfactory results […]
September 22, 2015

High Fat Ketogenic Diet In Terminal Cancer: What Do Studies Say?

High-fat ketogenic diet is an interesting area of research and it is now being considered as a potential cancer treatment. The concept of ketogenic diet that […]