Vitamin B1 and Tumor Growth

Vitamin B1 is also referred to as thiamine. It has long been found to reduce the growth of tumor cells. Some research, on the contrary, showed that too much thiamine can help cancer grow. There are varying views regarding the use of thiamine and the reduction in tumor growth.

One article (1) discussed vitamin B1 and its ability to stop tumor growth in cancer patients. It noted that patients with advanced cancer, such as GI cancer and leukemias, have vitamin B1 deficiency. This would suggest that giving vitamin B1 to these patients would treat their cancer.

The article believed that supplementing with vitamin B1 is necessary for patients with cancer. It noted that patients with cancer need to take at least 250 to 20,000 percent of the normal recommended daily allowance of vitamin B1 in order to treat their cancer. Because thiamine is water-soluble, it is fortunately not dangerous in these high doses.

Source: 1.Excess Thiamine May Help Tumor Growth, Research Shows. Science Daily. 1998.

Dr. Adem Gunes