Vitamin B 17 and its Use in Cancer Treatment

Vitamin B 17 has many names, including Laetrile, amygdalin, and Puracin, among others. It is a synthetically-made substance made from the amygdalin found in many fruits, such as apricot pits, and in raw nuts, sorghum, clover, and lima beans.

Vitamin B 17 is often used in the treatment of various types of cancer even though no research is available showing its usefulness. That is why the vitamin has been considered an alternative medical treatment for cancer.

Vitamin B17 was used by many cancer patients in the 1970s, along with vitamin supplements, pancreatic enzymes, and specific diets.  Unfortunately, because it caused severe side effects and didn’t seem to help cancer patients very much, it has thus fallen short of efficacies required to become a cancer treatment drug.  Even so, some patients continue to use this treatment as an alternative therapy with or without the use of conventional cancer treatments.


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Dr. Adem Gunes