Vitamin E and Prostate Cancer Risk

Vitamin E is a natural substance found in wheat germ, vegetable oils, avocados, seeds, nuts, and some types of dark leafy vegetables and fish. It was once believed that vitamin E was protective against prostate cancer.

One article (1) looked it the role that vitamin E plays in the development of prostate cancer. It cited recent research, which showed that vitamin didn’t reduce the risk of prostate cancer but instead may have increased the risk of getting this type of cancer. It also cited the data found in the SELECT trial, which indicated that Vitamin E was preventative against prostate cancer, but that those men who took the placebo drug in the study had a decreased risk of dying from prostate cancer.

The study looked at more than 35,000 men aged 50 years or older who didn’t already have prostate cancer. Some took vitamin E and others took a placebo drug. The research was cut short after 5 ½ years because neither vitamin E or selenium was able to protect the men against prostate cancer.

Source: 1.Vitamin E may indeed increase the risk of prostate cancer. Accessed 7/23/16.

Dr. Adem Gunes