What are the Latest Statistics on Kidney Cancer?

Kidney cancer is also referred to as renal cell carcinoma. It accounts for approximately 2-3 percent of all cases of cancer in adults and represents the 7th most common cancer among men.
It is the 9th most common cancer in women. About 209,000 people are diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma each year throughout the world; about half of all of these patients will die each year. The rates of renal cell carcinoma have been going up in the last several years.
A major risk factor for renal cell carcinoma is cigarette smoking. People with high blood pressure or who are taking medications for high blood pressure also are at a higher risk of having the disease.
Other risk factors for this type of cancer include having cysts on the kidneys, being in kidney failure, being obese, and having various hereditary diseases linked to renal cancer.
Von Hippel-Lindau disease is a hereditary condition linked to renal cancer.

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Dr. Adem Gunes