Cancer Coaching

Do you have cancer but you can’t travel to my clinic to get a therapy?

Don’t worry. You can still get professional and constant support from Dr. Adem.


Who is suitable for this program?

All cancer patients who seek additional assistance in alternative medicine will have a great benefit from this program.

You can get support regardless if you are receiving a cancer therapy or if you have finished the treatments.

What does the program include?

Dr. Adem will analyze your case (reports) and initiate a personal Skype consultation with you. He will then work on a strategy to give you permanent support through your cancer journey.

The program includes strategies to

  • support your cancer treatment (chemotherapy support, radiotherapy support)
  • help to treat your cancer with science-based alternative methods (oral supplements, drugs, etc.)
  • rebuild your immune system
  • reduce the side effects of previous and current therapies
  • analyze your blood reports
  • give advises to perform scans
doctor phoning

How to apply to this program?

Please contact me through this form if you are interested. 

Costs: 500 USD monthly*

* Cancellation is possible at the end of every month.