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Curcumin, intravenous


One Of The Most Effective Substances Against Cancer

What is it?

Curcumin (also known as turmeric) is a compound derived from the plant Curcuma longa and has been used as medicine for thousands of years due to its remarkable anti-inflammatory properties. In modern days it has been studied as an anti-cancer treatment and these studies show us that it seems to be very effective against cancer cells and cancer stem cells.

How does it work?

It has been shown to have a direct influence on a number of signaling pathways inside cancer cells, leading to cancer cell destruction. Furthermore, curcumin seems to enhance the effects of radio- and chemotherapy, potentializing the already pronounced anti-tumor characteristic of standard treatments by blocking the cellular pathways that cancer cells normally use to build resistance against such therapies.

Against which cancer types can it be used?

Like Vitamin C, curcumin has a very broad anti-tumor effect and can be used against almost all types of cancer. Most of all brain cancer and metastasis seem to be particularly sensitive to this drug when used in combination with other treatment modalities. It can also be considered “natural chemotherapy”.

Our opinion

We strongly believe that the use of curcumin is a vital part of cancer therapy either as a main therapy or supporting standard treatments. Since its safety profile is good and patients normally tolerate it very well, it is an invaluable weapon in the fight against cancer. Curcumin is given as an intravenous infusion and has a good safety profile. Some patients experience diarrhea and nausea after the first doses.

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