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Metronomic Chemotherapy

Metronomic Chemotherapy

Metronomic Chemotherapy intravenous, oral What is it? With metronomic chemotherapy, patients receive low-dose chemotherapy over a regular and long period. How does it work? Metronomic chemotherapy is not only directed against the tumor, but also its surroundings. For example, it inhibits tumor vessels by inhibiting growth factors that are directly responsible for the production of …

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Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy intravenous, intramuscular What is it? Ozone is a molecule that, in contrast to oxygen, does not consist of two but three oxygen atoms. How does it work? Ozone produces oxidative stress and can kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi and increase blood circulation. The latter effect can be used in cancer therapy in combination …

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Local Hyperthermia

Hyperthermie locale

Local Hyperthermia The Importance Of Local Hyperthermia For Cancer Patients What is it? During local hyperthermia, tumor areas are irradiated with the help of radio waves. How does it work? The tumors are heated to temperatures of up to 45 °C using radio waves of a certain wavelength. Above a specific temperature, cancer cells can …

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brain hyperthermia

Head Hyperthermia

Head Hyperthermia local An Effective Tool Against Brain Cancers What is it? Head hyperthermia is a procedure for the therapy of primary brain tumors or metastases. How does it work? Tumors in the brain are treated with radiofrequency of a specific wavelength. As a result, the temperature in the area of ​​the tumor increases. Above …

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Vitamin C

Vitamin C, High-dose

Vitamin C, High-dose intravenous Vitamin C and its role in Cancer Therapies What is it? Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a vital vitamin found in numerous fruits and vegetables. How does it work? Vitamin C becomes anti-oxidative in low doses but pro-oxidative in higher. Therefore, low-dose therapy is particularly suitable for immune …

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Sulforaphane oral What is it? Sulforaphane is a powerful antioxidant that is present in high concentrations in cabbage and broccoli. How does it work? Sulforaphane inhibits the growth of cancer cells by activating apoptosis. Apoptosis is the controlled self-destruction of the cell. If apoptosis is activated, the cancer cell starts processes that lead to her …

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Shogaol intravenous What is it? 6-Shogaol is a substance made from ginger. Among other things, it is responsible for their pungent taste. How does it work? 6-Shogaol prevents cancer cells from growing into healthy tissue by blocking genes that are responsible for the spread of cancer. Both local growth and the spreading by metastasis are …

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