The Olive Oil Ingredient Against Cancer

Hydroxytyrosol is a natural compound present in olives and olive oil and the main sort of fat intake in Mediterranean countries. Olive oil is one of the most consumed products in the world and it is crucial to understanding why the Mediterranean diet is so healthy. The phenolic compounds inside the olive oil seem to be the key to unlocking the potential hidden inside this so commonly used oil.

Hydroxytyrosol has been deemed a very good substance in the chemoprevention of different cancer types. It seems to be capable of preventing DNA damage which could lead to the development of cancer by modulating cancer cell signaling and enzymatic activities. In the scope of an alternative, oncological treatment, it has the potential to induce cellular apoptosis and disrupts multiple signaling pathways which in turn halt tumor progression (invasion, metastasis, and proliferation).

This compound has been shown as a promising chemopreventive drug mainly against colon cancer, but its benefits could also help other cancer types. For cancer treatment, it seems to be effective against many different types, like pancreas, breast, and colon cancers for example. Outside of the alternative oncology, Hydroxytyrosol has shown to be a good cardiovascular protector.

We suggest the use of Hydroxytyrosol as part of a comprehensive anti-cancer treatment, working in tandem with other treatment modalities. We recommend only the use of intravenous Hydroxytyrosol for its anti-cancer effect. It can also be used as chemoprevention for many cancer types, as well as a number of cardiovascular diseases, decreasing the risk of even high-risk patients. This therapy is normally well tolerated by all patients with very mild side effects.

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