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IPT / Low Dose Chemotherapy


How Effective Is Insulin Potentiated Chemotherapy?

What is it?

IPT stands for „insulin potentiation therapy”. In this form of treatment, a smaller dose of chemotherapy is administered to the patient and the drugs are enhanced by simultaneous hyperthermia and lowering of the blood sugar. It has been used since the ’30s as an alternative to full-dose chemotherapy.

IPT / Low Dose Chemotherapy

How does it work?

Chemotherapy has been one of the main modalities of cancer treatment for the last century. With this combination, we attempt to target specific areas (mainly the tumor sites) by expanding the blood vessels through heat and to put the cancer cells under distress through a lower availability of glucose. Since this treatment is based on chemotherapy, its mechanism of action depends on which chemotherapy is utilized.

Against which cancer types can it be used?

As with standard treatment, chemotherapy can be used against almost all types of cancer and is usually one of the main treatments that we propose. We recommend It to be given with other treatment modalities to maximize the anti-cancer power of chemotherapy and at the same time lower its side effects as much as possible.

Our opinion

We believe that chemotherapy given in full dosage can be harmful and impossible to achieve for some patients due to other diseases unrelated to cancer and the patient’s general condition. Nowadays there are a number of medical studies that show that we can achieve similar effects with much lower toxicity by enhancing the chemotherapy drugs with hyperthermia and insulin.

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