L-Carnitine is an ammonium compound involved in the metabolism of many different beings (plants, animals and even some bacteria). It is a very common amino acid that our body uses to build proteins and is an essential element to the building of muscles (heart and skeletal). Under normal circumstances, our body is able to produce by itself the necessary amounts of carnitine for our daily needs.

Cancer causes chronic inflammation in the body, leading to a metabolic state called catabolism (in which our body destroys molecules into smaller parts to produce energy or to use the smaller parts to produce other molecules). This constant breaking down of molecules can be harmful if the process is too extreme (this is one of the reasons why chronically ill patients tend to lose weight). L-Carnitine can alleviate this process by offering the body more easily this compound.

L-Carnitine can help patients suffering from any kind of cancer because it doesn’t address the cancer cells themselves, but actually the consequences of having chronic inflammation. It can also be used not just for cancer, but for any chronic illness that leads to inflammation in order to help the body mitigate to some extent the catabolism.

We recommend the usage of L-Carnitine as supportive therapy for patients with moderate to severe muscle and weight loss. It can as well ameliorate some of the more extreme effects of chronic inflammation (like cachexia). Depending on the daily needs of the patients it can be given either orally as daily tablets or through an intravenous infusion.

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