Ozone Therapy

intravenous, intramuscular

Ozone therapy is a method in which blood is taken from the patient, enriched with Ozone (a naturally occurring gas), and infused again. There are 2 main ways to perform this Ozone enrichment: either a small amount of blood is taken and reinfused as an intramuscular injection or a larger amount of blood is taken, enriched and than infused again intravenously.

Some studies have shown Ozone to slow down or even inhibit cancer cell growth without harming healthy cells. Its proposed mechanism of action was related to the production of reactive oxygen species (or ROS – a toxic molecule that can cause DNA destruction) and other free radicals and, therefore, cause cellular death in cancer cells.

Due to its theoretical mechanism of action, Ozone therapy could be used for many (but not all) types of tumors. Studies have been published relating Ozone therapy to lung, breast and uterus cancer, amongst others.

We do not recommend the use of Ozone therapy as an effective anti-cancer treatment. It may have some use in a detox plan, but even under these circumstances, its use is limited. There is not enough trustworthy data to warrant a recommendation of Ozone therapy as a treatment of any sort.

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