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Resveratrol, intravenous


How Effective Is Resveratrol Against Cancer?

What is it?

Resveratrol is a molecule produced by several plant types when under distress (mechanical injury, infections, u.v. radiation). It is also present in the skins of grapes and other berries. Resveratrol is commonly used as a dietary supplement and has been for some time researched as a possible anti-cancer agent. This drug has also shown to have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidant capabilities.

Resveratrol, intravenous

How does it work?

It has been used for hundreds of years in traditional Asian medicine for its anti-inflammatory characteristics and potentially as heart and circulation protector. In oncology, it has shown to prevent tumor as well as disrupt a number of different pathways which can halt tumor progression, for example, by stopping the cell division process and its migration to other tissues (metastasis)

Against which cancer types can it be used?

Since Resveratrol blocks pathways that are essential for the growth and development of most cancer types, we normally recommend them for bladder, brain, breast, colon, lung, melanoma, pancreas cancers, amongst others. It is also recommended for other purposes such as the improvement of cardiovascular condition (prevention of heart attack and stroke, for example).

Our opinion

We believe Resveratrol has the power to be an important weapon against cancer and we recommend that our patients whose cancer types are sensitive to it should get this drug in combination with other treatment modalities. It is also important to stress that Resveratrol has other uses outside of the alternative oncology. We support only the use of intravenous Resveratrol as a viable anti-cancer treatment.

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