Supportive Supplemental Plan

Let Dr. Adem prepare a personalized supplemental plan to improve your immune system, improve your current chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy or to treat your cancer type.

Who is suitable for this program?

Very simple. Every Cancer Patient.

What does the program include?

Dr. Adem will analyze your case (reports) together with your current treatments to see if they can be improved.

The plan includes:

  • improvement of chemotherapies and reduction of side effects
  • improvement of radiotherapies and reduction of side effects
  • Supplements that are helping to kill your cancer type
  • improvement of your immune system​
  • enhancement of organ functions (medical detoxing)​

How to apply to this program?

Please contact me through this form if you are interested. 

Costs: 250 USD*

* The program includes free revisions of the supplemental protocol when medically necessary.