Adem Gunes

Metronomic Chemotherapy


Metronomic Chemotherapy intravenous, oral What is it? With metronomic chemotherapy, patients receive low-dose chemotherapy over a regular and long period. How does it work? Metronomic chemotherapy is not only directed against the tumor, but also its surroundings. For example, it inhibits tumor vessels by inhibiting growth factors that are directly responsible for the production of …

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IPT / เคมีบำบัดปริมาณต่ำ

IPT / Insulin Potentiated Chemotherapy Low Dose Chemotherapy What is it? IPT stands for “insulin potentiated therapy.” In this type of chemotherapy, low-dose cytostatics are administered in a state of hypoglycemia. How does it work? Tumor cells are mainly dependent on an energy supply from sugar (glucose). It is believed that artificially induced hypoglycemia by …

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Vitamin C

วิตามินซี ปริมาณสูง

Vitamin C, High-dose intravenous Vitamin C and its role in Cancer Therapies What is it? Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a vital vitamin found in numerous fruits and vegetables. How does it work? Vitamin C becomes anti-oxidative in low doses but pro-oxidative in higher. Therefore, low-dose therapy is particularly suitable for immune …

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THC, เตตระไฮโดรแคนนาบินอล

THC / Tetrahydrocannabinol oral What is it? THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol and is found in the hemp plant. It belongs to the group of cannabinoids.THC binds to specific structures and causes happiness, relaxation, and pain relief. How does it work? Studies have shown that cannabinoids bind to specific receptors and can have a wide range …

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