Vitamin B17 / Laetrile

Is Vitamin B17 suitable for cancer treatments?

Amygdalin is a compound found in the seeds of some plants like apricot, apple and bitter almond for example. It is known by other names like Vitamin B17 (a fantasy name – Amygdalin is not a vitamin) and Laetrile. It is synthetically enhanced for greater effectiveness.

Amygdalin has been used in cancer therapy for decades and it induces apoptosis (programmed cellular death) in cancer cells through reduced expressions of some proteins and enhanced expression of others. Due to metabolic differences between healthy and cancerous cells, Amygdalin seems to be more active in the latter.

This drug can induce apoptosis in many different cancer types but has shown only limited success rates. Due to its theoretical mechanism of action, which encompasses very basic cellular metabolic pathways, it could potentially affect all cancer cell types.

Amygdalin has a relatively broad therapy range, but due to its limited effectiveness, we recommend it only in specific cases and as a complement to other therapies. Patients usually don’t experience any side effects from this treatment, but some studies show that it can be toxic at high doses, especially in combination with Vitamin C.

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