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You are currently receiving a conventional therapy

The success rates of conventional treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation, are unsatisfactory.

They cause problems on many levels:

They not only kill the cancer cells but the healthy cells as well. This leads to organ damage. Important organs such as the brain, heart, liver, and kidney are limited in their ability to perform their functions. Physical weakness and sometimes even permanent damage are the result.

A tumor consists of a number of different cancer cells, each of which has different properties. Conventional treatments primarily kill the weaker (sensitive) cancer cells and allow the stronger (resistant) cells to live. The latter multiply particularly quickly after treatment, which means that the effectiveness of chemotherapy decreases with each application.

The best protection against new cancer cells is our immune system. This is significantly weakened by chemotherapy or radiotherapy. After treatment, a patient is left with virtually zero effective protection.

The side effects of the treatment lead to loss of appetite, which in turn leads to weight loss and a further weakening of the body. The patient’s quality of life decreases rapidly.

In light of all this, we have developed programs that enhance the function of chemotherapy and radiation therapies in a targeted manner and reduce their side effects. We understand how to re-sensitize resistant cancer cells and how to protect healthy cells from the damage caused by treatment.

The programs are the results of 15 years of research and application in Germany, Austria, and Thailand and were developed by German and American physicians.