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You have finished your conventional Therapy

Unfortunately, most cancers recur after a certain period of time. The reason for this is that no treatment can guarantee the destruction of all cancer cells. Even if a patient is assured that the treatment was successful and that they are cured, this does not mean that the danger is over.

Modern imaging techniques such as CT, MRI or PET scan can only detect tumors above a certain size. Small tumors measuring just a few millimeters in size can remain undetected but may contain many millions of cancer cells that can spread in the body and form new cancer foci.

The best protection against this is to cease all cancer-promoting behaviors and build a strong immune system. A healthy immune system works very effectively and is able to detect and kill newly developing cancer cells.

Sadly, conventional cancer therapies have devastating effects on the immune system. The immune system, which is already in a weakened state prior to the therapy, is in an even weaker state afterward. As such, we are an advocate for after-care programs that promote healthy organs and rebuild the immune system.