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You want to restore your immune system

A weakened immune system means that we cannot ward off pathogens effectively and are therefore particularly susceptible to infections. We often also feel tired, under the weather and lacking energy and drive. Even concentration disorders can be a manifestation of immunodeficiency.

We live in an environment that is detrimental to our health since our diet and our way of life often do not meet the needs of the body. With an average of 100 trillion cells, it is exposed to a variety of attacks each day. Each of these 100 trillion cells has its own mechanisms for defense and recovery. Once these mechanisms are depleted, the cell is destroyed and replaced by new ones.

However, this process is susceptible to error and, in some cases, gives rise to abnormal cells that can later lead to cancer.

From the day we are born, every human being has cancer cells that are discovered and destroyed by the immune system on a daily basis. If the immune system is weakened by various factors, it can no longer perform its protective function effectively, and serious illnesses like cancer can result.

In light of all this, it is extremely important to maintain a strong immune system at all times. Our immune building program was developed over a period of more than 15 years and can assist patients in this regard.